Discuss the Sculpture

We invite people with expertise and experience from all walks of life to contemplate the Bearing sculpture and its intended purpose.  We hope that the image will provoke thoughts and stories that you can share with us and with the public on this site.

We invite a short observation or narrative, relating the image and its implications to your professional or personal experience. Because the sculpture is intended to address universal, humane issues, we endeavor to remain politically neutral.  Your statement can be shared anonymously or under your name, but we must have your permission to publish your words on our website.

You may also encourage others to submit a statement.  Our purpose is to create an interactive page where our community can explore the image from individual perspectives.

Download a High-Res image of the scupture (2.3mb)

Discuss the Sculpture Below

The public sculpture titled "Bearing" will be cast life-size in bronze.

Share Your Observations and Experiences

Although we cannot anticipate what perspectives you may bring to this page, here are some disciplines that we think may become engaged because they may deal in various ways with conflict and its aftermath:

  • art and art history
  • foreign policy, international affairs
  • gender and women’s studies
  • health care and rehabilitation
  • history and political science
  • literature
  • philosophy
  • physical therapy
  • psychology and counseling